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what is Oxidisation

So what is Oxidisation

Oxidisation is aluminum corrosion caused by stone chippings, Kerb damage, Brake dust pitting, and the elements ( The lovely British Weather).
In some cases where the  alloy is badly deteriorated by rusting this leaves large porosity holes underneath the paint surface and deep into the aluminum.

Here at F1 alloy wheel refurbishment Chester we do take every precaution to remove as much corrosion as possible, but occasionally it is impossible to remove all of this oxidisation which unfortunalty could result in further deterioration.

The result that we achieve here at F1 alloy wheel refurbishment is only as good as the condition of the wheel allows.

 F1 alloy wheel refurbishment carry out our process to the highest and strictest standards insuring the best possible finish, Therefore no liability can be accepted for continuing oxidisation that occurs prior and subsequent to refurbishing, Therefore no Guarantee can be given to the length of time the refurbishment will last.