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F1 alloys wheel chester refurbishment process program

So what's involved? There's lots of reasons why new,  alloy wheels end up battered and  damaged What we do is put those wheels through a defined process of repair,

The first thing is we must remove as much dirt, grime , grease as possible Then  We'll chemically strip the wheels followed by bead blasting this will remove corrosion from the back of the wheel.

The next stage is to remove as much corrosion as possible from the face, The most effective way is to turn the wheels on a lathe using a pre-programmed profile of your particular wheel. This process removes a fine layer of alloy exposing a fresh new look for the wheel. For safety reasons we won't refurbish wheels that have already been refurbished a number of times if we feel the process will result in a weak and unsafe wheel,

The next process is to coat the wheel, we now useva zinc rich primer to give the wheel added protection against corrosion. There are a several thousand ways you can finish a wheel but the basics are as follows:

We can paint  and bake a wheel to give that real alloy finish and then apply a layer of laquer to protect the wheel against stone chips etc. If your wheel was painted a particualr colour  then we can re-paint the wheel using an exact match of paint be it a flat colour or metalic .

If your wheel is two or three toned, then we can handle those too by using a mixture of masking and turning to get the required result. Infact, no matter what your wheel looked like, we can get it exactly how it was or do a completely new custom finish for you.

The results and 1000's of very happy customers over the years prove that this process is the only way to get your old alloy wheels back into that showroom condition.



All F1 Alloys full refurbishments carry our two years guarantee